The Last Peter Pan

The shadow always accompanies the light.
You can try to have a world, a world without the shadow, but it will be a dark, dark and hopeless world, 'cause it would be a world without light too. The light of nature, the light of the true, the light of silence, the first light of the day... The brighter it shines from my body, the more evil hides in its hole. The dark enjoy so hard to defeat us, so my mind is starting to lose control. And when the night comes, the shadow has the power to hold all our power and I feel immortal. Through dark, I've seen truth and I've heard lies, I've seen happiness, I've seen anger.


Photography by Antonio Miucci
Styling, Elf Blue ear application and make-up made by Federico Del Nobile
Model: Ahmadou at Crew Model Management
Armahdou is wearing white handmade Nylon-Cotton shirt, with white eco leather vest, and black handmade pants by Fashion Designer Claudia Canella. Green Vintage oversized shirt, Prada Animalier gloves, Versace suite, with handmade necklace, silver chain shell necklace, all by Federico Del Nobile

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