The project explores the theme of identity and genderfluid, through the concept of memory and family, metaphorized with the symbolic figure of the bride.

"Every thread of white silk intertwines the Bride's glove. The lily blooms in the groom's buttonhole. Mom fastens the ribbons that make you stand straight in front of the sunny altar, while the veil rises slowly, the mystery is revealed. Dad tightens the knot of the tie by closing the final lock to the jacket, ready to be given while you wait for the white figure advancing towards you in a mystical limbo.
Who am I? The Bride or the Bridegroom?
I am six years old and I do not know what I would like to be. But one thing I know for sure: I know that I want to wear white shoes under a cascade of tulle that seems molasses. I know that I want to close the shirt with the twins, while Mom fixes my sleeves, giving me a caress, with Dad looking at me with love and smiles at me proudly to see who I became".