“CHRYSALIS” is a fashion editorial about representation and expression of genderqueer identity, traveling between past, present and future.
The chrysalis will be the begininng of a new humankind always in evolution, with no prejudice and judgment, but boundless freedom in its own flowing identity.
The opening phases of the chrysalis, starting from the primordial until the contemporary century, narrates how the process of trans-formation can give birth to the projection of gender in terms of ultimate humane state.
A new future for the genderqueer identity that define a new social and cultural context in which all the folks arrive to embrace themselves within the subjective awareness,
in which to celebrate the infinite rebirth of the Self in various multiple forms of self-determination,
living in acceptance, tolerance and empowerment.

creative direction: Antonio Miucci & Alessandro Travaini
photography: Antonio Miucci
fashion stylist: Alessandro Travaini
model: Emanuele Carloni (Uptown Models, Rome)
make-up artist: Elisa Maisenti
hairstylist: Bianca Bagnoli

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